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TP series TP series
  • Small, medium and large format sheet processing Punching,forming,tapping, and wheel technology capabilities Stress relieved O frame
  • Flexible turret configurations to elimimate tool setups
  • Auto lubrication of moving parts
  • Rigid guides
  • One of the best controller with functionality & flexibility
  • Powerful control with user friendly CAD-CAM Software
  • Programmable sheet clamping system decreases set-up times and scrap ratio Automation can be easily integrated for efficient and lean operations while also increasing operator safety and as well as decreasing opertor fatique.

Product resources

A few optional accessories

  • Light barriers for CE Additional clamps
  • Table (brush&ball)
  • Tools, Tool holders, reducers
  • CAD-CAM SW Second activator (dongle)
  • SW for Autonesting, Wheel and Tapping tools
  • Sheet deformation alert switch Turret cover for perforated sheets Vacuum slug remover
  • Workchute
  • Automatic lubrication for the machine Air condition for electrical box Additional oil cooler
  • Loading- Unloading preparation Loading- Unloading system Additional table
  • Special table
  • Transformator
  • UPS for machine ( 30KvA - 10 min ) Additional allignment tool

Standards accessories

  • CE norm
  • Foot pedal
  • CAD-CAM software and activator
  • Control unit: Siemens Sinumerik 840 D SL
  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Automatic clamp positioning
  • Network, Ethernet communication
  • Programming on the control panel
  • Automatic tool lubrication
  • Movable scrap box
  • Brush table
  • Oil cooler
  • USB drive
  • Repositioning of X axis
  • Alignment tools for index station (C+B station)- TP9
  • Alignment tools for index station (D station)- TP93, TPL93, TP123, TP Servo, TPL Servo)
  • Manual nesting
  • Warning lamp
  • Light barrier
  • Maintanance and instruction manual

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Durma TPL 63 - Punching presses

Price (w/o tax): 301 750 €
TPL 63


Hydraulic Turret Punch Press
Durma Turret tool 28 pos., o-frame, max. thickness 6 mm, x-axis: 3000+R mm y-axis: 1500 mm, max. hit rate (1 mm pitch/1 mm thickness): 850 stroke/min, max. hit rate (25 mm pitch/1 mm thickness): 275 stroke/min, tonnage: 30 t, clamps 3 pcs, +28 pcs tool holder (without tools), +automatic loading unloading system, +auto nesting and wheel tool programing
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