Product resources for all machine tool

PBF series with 3-4 axises (hydraulic press brakes)

AD-R series (3-6 axises) (hydraulic press brakes)

AD-S series (with 4-10 axises) (hydraulic press brakes)

VS series (shears)

SBT series (shears)

MS series (shears)

RP series (punching presses)

TP series (punching presses)

IW series (iron workers/punching mach.)

P series (iron workers/punching mach.)

FN / VN series (notchers)

HRB-3 series (roll bending machines)

MRB series (roll bending machines)

MRB-E series (roll bending machines)

MRB-S series (roll bending machines)

PBH series (profile bending mach.)

PBM series (profile bending mach.)

UZ series (mandrel tube bending mach)

UZH series (mandrel tube bending mach)

UZN series (mandrel tube bending mach)

UZC series (mandrel tube bending mach)

Vertical presses (presses and horizontal presses)

Bandsaws (horizontal bandsaws and circular saws)

Circular Sawing Machines (horizontal bandsaws and circular saws)

HD-F series (1-8 kW, aut. shuttle table) (fiber laser cutting machines)

PL-C series (plasma cutting machines)