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UZH series UZH series

The UZMA UZH line series tube benders are semi hydraulic Machines with with Gear motor driven bending movement. The UZH Machines can be produced through the customer needs, requests and budgets with Digital PLC control, NC control, hydraulic Support, hydraulic clamp and tube feding & turning device as optionaly. These Machines are one of the economical solution of mandrel tube bendings for small - medium productions.

Product resources

A few optional accessories

  • NC control 5,7" PLC display (UZH 32-76)
  • Hydraulic Support (UZH 32-51)
  • Manual tube feeding & turning vehicle
  • Automatic mandrel lubrication
  • Gearless speed adjustment
  • Safety carpet with sensors
  • Mandrel extension

Standards accessories

  • CE Norm
  • Hydraulic mandrel retract system
  • Hydraulic clamp
  • Manual Support (UZH 32-51)
  • Hydraulic Support (UZH 76-90)
  • Gear motor
  • NC control 3,5" PLC display (UZH 32-76)
  • NC control 5,7" PLC display (UZH 90)

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Uzma UZH 32 - Mandrel tube bending mach

Price (w/o tax): 21 540 €
UZH 32


Hydraulic tube bending machine
motor power: 2,2 kW, max. pipe diameter: 32 mm, max. wall thickness: 2 mm, max. bending radius: 275 mm, max. bending angle: 190°, hydraulic clamp, manual support, gear motor, +7" touchscreen NC control, +hydraulic tool holder
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