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UZ series UZ series

The UZMA UZ line series tube benders are manual machines with Gear motor driven bending movement.

These machines are the most economical solution of mandrel tube bendings for small productions.

Product resources

A few optional accessories

  • Mandrel extension

Standards accessories

  • CE Norm
  • Manuel pipe tightining
  • Madrel & Madrel table
  • Gear motor

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Uzma UZH 32 - Mandrel tube bending mach

Price (w/o tax): 21 540 €
UZH 32


Hydraulic tube bending machine
motor power: 2,2 kW, max. pipe diameter: 32 mm, max. wall thickness: 2 mm, max. bending radius: 275 mm, max. bending angle: 190°, hydraulic clamp, manual support, gear motor, +7" touchscreen NC control, +hydraulic tool holder
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